EasyJet launches offer with free entry for grandparents

EasyJet for families! British low-cost airline he decided to launch a new offer, he explained the guard. Under the title “Grans go free”, as its name suggests, it allows ancestors to travel to certain destinations without paying abroad EasyJet found that more than half of UK families have never spent at least one holiday abroad together. Grandparents. The low-cost airline therefore wants to encourage families to go on holiday with three different generations.

For them to have a good holiday, some sunny destinations have been chosen, for example GreeceItaly and Spain. “(We’re) proud to offer thousands of places for children,” acknowledged company CEO Matt Callaghan, while stressing “the importance of putting grandparents first.”. But if EasyJet is launching in this segment, that is multigenerational travel trend is going strong at the moment, according to travel professionals.

Limited number of places

A survey of 2,000 British adults recently revealed 56% of respondents regretted not spending more time with their grandparents and 54% expected to take it with them. “This study shows how important the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are and how much we can learn by taking time for them.”justifies it the guard Matt Callaghan, for whom Operation Grans do free will make it possible “Strengthen these important family relationships”.

But fans beware: the offer, which starts on February 1st, is limited to a limited number of customers. To qualify for the free ticket, you must travel and book with your family and at least one child. Contacts will be checked upon arrival. Most of the interviewees also indicate that they will let their ancestors choose the destination. It remains to be seen who will pay for the other travel expenses once the vacation starts!

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