Do you have the right to intermediate housing that Attal wants to promote?

This is the “housing” ad Gabriel Attal the one that made the loudest noise, without a doubt. The prime minister wants to clarify the SRU law. SRU for “Solidarity and Urban Renewal”. Those three letters turned the real estate market upside down in 2000: each mayor must own at least 25% of HLM in his city. Enough to make some elected officials cringe who prefer to pay the fine -which can rise to a million euros-, instead of building these famous social housing.

In two commercials, Gabriel Attal decided to turn everything upside down. First: finish construction permits issued by the prefect, if the mayor refuses to do the HLMas announced Emmanuelle Wargon, then Minister of Housing, at the end of 2020. Back to square one: the prime minister wants to give mayors control over the first allocations of social housing. The second one is, without a doubt, the one that has caused the most discussion: no HLM fee and the place of HLM and intermediate housing fees.

Help the middle classes

Worry? To put it simply, social housing is housing that is not private housing. In other words, they are aimed at the middle class that the government wants to restore their purchasing power. Because these people are too rich to live in public housing and not too rich to benefit from private housing. “In this calculation we will propose to add the intermediate housing. (Quotas of the SRU law)”, announced Gabriel Attal, in his general policy speech on Tuesday. In five years (2017-2022) their number has doubled, going from 8,000 to 16,000 in France. By 2026, the government wants 30,000 more.

Enough to make associations scream. “Intermediate housing is the government’s new martingale, it’s a mistake. It has the wrong aim», lamented Christophe Robert Abbé Pierre Foundation, who has indicated a record number of applications for HLM (2.6 million in 2023) and recalled that more than 70% of French people have the right to social housing. “Intermediate housing, taking into account the income necessary to support it, corresponds to less than 5% of applicants for social housing in France.», adds Thierry Repentin, former president of the SRU National Committee.

What are the resource ceilings that should not be exceeded? They depend on two criteria: the number of people in your household and your geographical area (Abis, A, B1, B2 and C areas). To discover this area, you must enter your city in this search engine of the official website of the administration.

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