Cyril Hanouna seven days a week: why C8 supports its stars even on weekends

The fans will be happy. From this weekend, Cyril Hanouna will no longer miss Saturdays and Sundays. From 18:50 to 21:00, the strong man of C8 will offer “Face à Hanouna”, a variation of his daily routine, “Touche pas à mon poste”. In this new show, he will return to the current affairs of the week surrounded by a group of columnists. In the latter there will be some of his believers like Raymond Aabou, By Gilles Verde or Valérie Bénaïm, but also new faces, including Gauthier Le Bret, known to CNews viewers, Julien Odoul, deputy of the National Rally, and rapper Rost. The announced time, the politician Jean Lassalle will not be in the party in the end, he announced this Thursday. Blue France.

The rest after this announcement

According to a press release from the channel, the new weekend show should also mark the return of some historic “TPMP” sequences, such as “I skipped / I killed” or “I like it / I don’t like it.” Contrary to what was initially announced, the two numbers of “Face à Hanouna” will not be live, but recorded. as this formula 7 days a week, it must last at least ten weeks. “He’s going to rock,” his host told “TPMP” viewers Thursday.

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