The 6 most eye-catching watches of LVMH Watch Week

“Oh“You can never serve yourself better than yourself,” the saying goes. Taking advantage of the closure of the International Haute Horlogerie Hall (orchestrated by the Fédération de la Haute Horlogerie) held annually in Geneva in January, the “watches” department of the first place in the luxury industry took the lead in organizing this strategic niche. … Read more

New role for Victoria Beckham

L the alliance between brands and creators of different universes is a well-known and effective commercial strategy. The announcement of the collaboration between the Swiss manufacturer Breitling And Victoria Beckham From this point of view, it is only a logical continuation of a well-implemented strategy since a venture capital fund acquired the label in 2017. … Read more

Behind the new Tudor Pro Cycling team

uTake a little break for the end-of-year holidays, and here we are again. The runners you sleep Pro Cycling resumed training in early January in preparation for the 2024 season. In Altea, on the outskirts of Benidorm, the team led by champion Fabian Cancellara has set up its winter residence. Athletes, coaches, sports directors, all … Read more

focus on the tiaras

Lroyal coronations often brought intense activity to the Parisian workshops. Often, but not always. This specific production seems to correspond to the level of prosperity of a society, or, on the contrary, to verify the intensity of an economic crisis, on a global level, or country by country. Thus, while America in the late 1930s … Read more

The electric car: why the motivation doesn’t work

it hasJust when you thought it had turned green for good, the electric car now sees an orange light flashing at the end of its hood. With a big deadline, the European elections (June 8 and 19), which, according to observers, could call everything into question. In fact, the EPP, a large center-right party in … Read more

Simmer Style Helix G6, a board for waves and strong winds – Windsurf Journal

PERSONAL DATA Personal data that can be collected on the website are: Cookies: Cookies, as part of the use of the Site, are used to collect certain information (in particular, your IP address, information about the computer used to browse, connection mode, type and version of the Internet browser, operating system and other techniques). identifiers … Read more