Comfrey, an ally of the garden

Belonging to the Boraginaceae family, confreria is known for its large, thick, hairy leaves and bell-shaped purple, pink or blue flowers that bloom between March and August. Depending on the variety, it can reach a height of m. Easy to grow, gardeners appreciate it for its multiple uses. Comfrey, a perennial plant with multiple properties … Read more

The garden fence: what if we took a look around?

You have many solutions at your disposal to erect a garden fence that fulfills its function while being aesthetic, but be careful to respect the rules in force! Garden fence regulations According to Article 647 of the Civil Code, any owner has the right to erect a fence on his land. However, certain standards regarding … Read more

Hundreds of birds are saved in the winter thanks to the nest boxes. Find out how to easily make your own birdhouse here!

Grasshoppers frequent our gardens, especially in winter, when they are foraging shelter from the cold and predators. A suitable nest box can make all the difference to their survival. With a few simple materials and a little creativity, you can create a cozy haven for these charming birds. Nest boxes for chicks: what you need … Read more

How to get a tax credit for gardening work?

Here is the tax advantage of knowing when you have a garden. Hiring someone to do minor maintenance at your main or secondary location opens up access to the tax credit associated with having an employee work from home. Thanks to this system, 50% of the expenses incurred can be deducted from the income tax. … Read more

Grow your own vegetables in less than 2 hours with this ultra-easy method for incredible harvests!

Gardening is all about bringing life and color to your outdoor space, and what better way to start than creating a wooden planter? Simple, stylish and versatile, it’s suitable for everyone, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. Fresh vegetables, fragrant herbs or pretty flowers, your garden adapts to your wishes and the space you … Read more