Pierre Arditi talks about his discomfort on stage

“II fell like a mass. on the set of What a time! Saturday, February 3, in the evening, actor Pierre Arditi he came back in his second illnessWhich was done during the performance of the play Lapin, on December 8, as indicated BFMTV. Culture bulletin Every Wednesday at 16:00. Get the unmissable cultural news of … Read more

Stéphane Bern, soon the mayor of Thiron-Gardais?

SWill Téphane Bern be the next councilor of the 1,000-strong Thiron-Gardais? After the resignation of the mayor, municipal partial elections will be held on March 17 and 24. Three seats must be filled famous presenter Secrets of history He presented his candidacy, reports Republican echo. Culture bulletin Every Wednesday at 16:00. Get the unmissable cultural … Read more

Nathalie Azoulai, writer queen of coding

LNow most of our actions depend on the Web and its computer languages. We can no longer fly an Airbus A380 without the active support of a million lines of code, and that number is growing exponentially. Back to binary, the opening sentence Research It turns into an endless series of Proustian 01001100/01101111 that can … Read more

His reaction to not being at the Oscars

Lthey are fans barbie crying scandal, injustice… After being rejected golden globes, the most profitable film of the year, with an income of 1.28 billion euros, was not nominated in two main categories at the Oscars: the award for the best leading actor. Margot Robbieand the best director award for Greta Gerwig. Culture bulletin Every … Read more

Forbes: “40 Women of the Year” event canceled due to activist Rima Hassan’s presence

Controversy won the celebration. that’s why controversial presence of the pro-Palestine activist Rima Hassan among the candidates, the event honoring the “40 women of 2023” of the economic magazine Forbes was cancelled. ⚠️ It is with anger and sadness that I announce to you that the entire Forbes trophy ceremony, which aims to reward the … Read more