Behind the new Tudor Pro Cycling team

uTake a little break for the end-of-year holidays, and here we are again. The runners you sleep Pro Cycling resumed training in early January in preparation for the 2024 season. In Altea, on the outskirts of Benidorm, the team led by champion Fabian Cancellara has set up its winter residence. Athletes, coaches, sports directors, all join in intense preparation for almost three weeks, following a grueling 3-day training cycle with a rest day. Mounted on their latest generation BMC – a high-performance precision tool – riders can enjoy the warm weather, magnificent scenery and unique topography of this mountainous area of ​​the Costa Blanca, where most cyclists also train. they. They were joined by a platoon of international journalists and watch brand executives who were invited to climb the 980m hill of Guadalest over a distance of 30km to whet their appetite before a meal. top. At the heart of the effort, styled in jerseys and bibs emblazoned with the Tudor shield, runners wear a limited edition Black Bay Chrono on their wrist with a jacquard fabric strap. Everyone fell in love with the sporty looking model, even more so after a private visit to the new Le Locle factory where they got to know the scenes of its creation, sealing this new kind of union.

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At the head of the parcel

For the first time in its history, Rolex’s younger sister, already hyperactive to protect high-level sport (rugby, surfing, sailing, etc.), gives its name to a professional sports team. “For several years we have been studying the possibilities of integrating the world of cycling, which is experiencing a significant revitalization, but we did not want to put our brands only on jerseys.” explains Eric Pirson, Tudor’s CEO, who is happy to be involved in this long-term project and for whom the meeting with Fabian Cancellara was decisive. “We were fascinated by his desire to promote a new generation of professional cyclists, based on an essentially Swiss project, which could also benefit from his vast experience. » A little over a year after announcing the collaboration and obtaining the ProTeam license that allows them to appear on the starting line of the main events of the cycling calendar, riders, mainly from the Swiss Racing Academy level. In Cancellara, they have seen their structure strengthened and their ambition sharpened. “Courage is what cements this partnership”says the former world champion and Olympic medalist who wants to see his colts compete on the world’s most famous roads. “Taking the name Tudor, we also adopted the slogan ‘Born to Dare’, with the idea of ​​linking human physical performance with watchmaking performance. » On the basis of this partnership, Tudor intends to become the world reference in watchmaking in cycling competition and wants to leave its permanent mark on the future of this high-level sport.

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