Attal promises a “supply shock” for housing, just like Macron 7 years ago

“Supply shock” is dead, long live “supply shock”! Prime Minister Gabriel Attal in fact, “supply shock» to unlock hostel, in the middle of the crisis, and the first expenditure of the French (almost 26.7% of expenditure in 2022, twice as much as food according to INSEE). Because it’s a formula that won’t fail to make professionals smile He worked for Emmanuel Macron, elected president once in 2017. In less than seven years, building permits have fallen by 23%. (see below)! Worse: Fewer than 300,000 housing starts (housing units started) in 2023.

To solve this, the prime minister announced five measures in his general policy speech. “In two weeks», 20 territories will be designated to experiment with speeding up the procedures, “As we were able to do for the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games”. Goal? 30,000 new homes built within three years. Gabriel Attal says that the government “he will not hesitate“, to do this, request empty offices. In general, the prime minister wants “simplify standards“. “The real estate supply shock does not existreacted Jean-Marc Torrollion, former president of the National Real Estate Federation. It is a long-term policy for a sector that needs consistency and visibility.»

HLM fee reform

In terms of ecology, while the President of the Republic has set the goal of renovating 700,000 homes a year, Gabriel Attal has announced that he wants “simplify My Renovation Voucher (public aid for all owners to renovate their homes)” and “Changing the DPE (Energy Performance Diagnostic)” whose reliability remains controversial. The stakes are high: from January 1, 2025, all homes classified DPE G, or according to the government, almost 650,000 homes, will be prohibited from renting.

The number of houses accumulated in 12 months, in thousands of houses. Photo: Ministry of Ecological Transition

Finally, the head of government made two announcements HLMagain The demand for social housing has reached a new mark: 2.6 million homes in 2023. The law requires mayors to have at least 25% of HLM. Fees that deter elected officials who would rather pay a fine than build social housing. Gabriel Attal, on the one hand, announced that he wanted “give a hand to the mayors for the first allocation in the new social housing built in their municipality“.

Former Housing Minister Emmanuel Wargon announced at the end of 2020 that “if the mayor does not want to build social housing, it is the prefect who will sign the construction permits“, thus giving the opportunityThe situation of replacing reluctant mayors. On the other hand, the calculation of the HLM 25% quota will be changed to include intermediate housing aimed at the middle class, those too rich to live in social housing and those not rich enough to live in private housing. “The 2.6 million people on low incomes who are waiting for social housing will still be the adjustment variable of the disengagement policy of the public power in our sector.», answered Emmanuelle Cosse, president of the Social Union for Housing. For real estate expert Henry Buzy-Cazaux, Gabriel Attal’s predictions “will not be enough”. “It will be necessary to reform the taxation of investors and promote support for first-time buyers», appreciates the president of the Real Estate Solutions Management Institute. Solutions that Gabriel Attal did not mention in his speech.

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