At the Paris Philharmonie, the bride wasn’t (enough) in black

Dfrom the first notes of Concerto 17 in G major In Mozart, the die is cast. This January 22, Philharmonie de Paris, we don’t know what will happen, even if we know the work by heart. The ability to delete any reference (especially discographical) is, in fact, one of the essential conditions to enjoy a concert. Otherwise, we don’t listen, we compare, we shine, we turn on. Of course, it’s a matter of attitude. Quitting is not a return to diaper days. “There was nothing before you / I’m good with you”, sings Édith Piaf, who is not at the bottom of the sea at the time of “What is love for”. And let’s remember these words of Tristan Bernard: “I have an amazing memory, I forget everything. »He had the brain of a goldfish? No, Sa…

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