At Disneyland Paris, the magic happens at night: in the center of the work that is being prepared for spring

An engine rumbles down Main Street. A giant gondola carrying a mast appears on the main walkway of Disneyland Paris. Sixty people in orange vests come and go, some carrying electric cables. In the distance, dancers rehearse, dressed in yellow vests. “Baby, Mickey, that’s how it is,” says a voice. “Yes, the park comes alive at night,” smiles a Disneyland Paris employee as we marvel at the unique atmosphere. a place without visitors.

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From Wednesday to Thursday night, a real anthill put up new seasonal decorations “Symphony of Colors”, which will usher in “the end of winter and the arrival of spring” from February 10. These creations, designed Ile-de-France three companies (after Émerainville, Plastic Studio Bagnolet and Realize in Mareuil-lès-Meaux), remember the world of Tinker Bell. The fountains, twelve poles with screens and giant flowers will be visible in the park until May 5.

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