Apple disappointed, iPhone demand slows in China, iPad and Mac sales worried

Apple It returned to growth in the fourth quarter of 2023, after four consecutive declines in its turnover, as the group prepares for the big launch of its headphones on Friday. virtual reality, VisionPro. The billing arrived 119,600 billion dollars, up 2% year-on-year, while analysts were expecting 117.9 billion, according to a consensus compiled by FactSet. The Cupertino (California) group recorded an acceleration in sales of its flagship product, the iPhone, which amounted to $69.7 billion, an increase of 6%, according to a press release published on Thursday, February 1.

iPhone has restarted Samsung the throne of The world’s largest phone seller in 2023, ending the twelve-year reign of the Korean giant. Apple’s smartphone appetite offsets declines in iPads (-25% year-on-year) and connected accessories (-11%), as well as a slowdown in Mac computers (+0.5%) which was the first of this quarter. staggered financial year (will end at the end of September).


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20% of the income generated through the services

Another reason for growth is services, including the App Store, music streaming (Apple Music) and video (Apple TV+), as well as remote data storage (iCloud). This segment had its turnover 11% jump and currently accounts for almost 20% of the company’s revenue. As for net profit, it was 33.9 billion dollars, again above expectations and 13% more.

Despite that blow, the group’s stock lost more than 3% in electronic trading after the close on Wall Street. iPhone demand slows in Chinaas well as iPad and Mac sales, which reflect bad times in the PC market., commented, in a statement, Gadjo Sevilla, from Insider Intelligence/eMarketer. In total, turnover fell by 12.9% in China. On the earnings conference call, CEO Tim Cook said iPhone sales in China were down only about 5 percent. “Others (products and services) are the ones that caused a more significant contraction in one year”he insisted. “I remain very optimistic about China in the long term”stated the leader.


Apple has finally introduced a “mixed reality” headset called “Vision Pro”.

Vision Pro, a “revolutionary device”

The company is aiming for another quarter of growth for the January-March period, partly due to a poor comparison effect. The first quarter of 2023 was therefore sanctioned Closing factories in China. Usually very reserved about the use of the term, widely used by many companies for a year, Tim Cook mentioned a project of the AI ​​creator. “which we are very excited about, and which we will talk about (exactly) this year”. The company is playing big with the launch of its augmented reality headset on Friday “mixed” (virtual and augmented), called Vision Pro. This is the first truly new object that has been put on the market since the arrival of the Apple Watch, almost ten years ago (2015). “Vision Pro is a revolutionary device”argued Tim Cook, “years before” above its competitors.

criticized for Lack of apps available on this Apple headsetwhose number was recently estimated at 150, the group worked hard and announced on Thursday that it now has more than 600. Very popular platforms, for example Netflix or YouTube, which decided not to integrate Vision Pro into the universe at launch. Device options are limited “high price” ($3,499), according to Gadjo Sevilla, as well “the limits of supply. For the analyst, “It could be at least a year before it affects the team’s results”.

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