“Anti-Airbnb” law: “the text will allow all mayors to act in their territories”

It is a text that was eagerly awaited, in the middle of the housing crisis. The partisan bill, which aims to resolve the imbalances in areas of high tension in the rental market, was approved in the first reading on Monday, January 29, in the National Assembly. The text mainly envisages a decrease 30% tax deduction rate of which rental income from furnished tourist accommodation is beneficial, compared to 71% or 50% today. The aim of this measure is to encourage owners to rent out their properties on the long-term rental market rather than on Airbnb-type platforms. The day after the vote in the National Assembly, Renaissance MP Annaïg Le Meur, co-rapporteur of the bill, has returned to the capital with the consequences of this tightening of regulations.

Capital: The bill aimed at regulating tourist rentals was approved in the first reading in the Assembly. What is your first reaction?

Annaïg Le Meur: The bill was presented in April 2023 with work starting in 2022, the journey has been very long, so it is a great pleasure to see this text finally voted. Thanks to this law, all mayors will have the opportunity to act directly in their territories to regulate tourist rentals, even if their municipalities are not located in a tension zone. We also wanted to harmonize the rent tax and we followed a large majority of the deputies on this point. But the work on taxation is not finished yet.

What are the next ways that the majority is considering to provide answers to the housing crisis?

We are interviewing real estate agents, particularly notaries, real estate agents and developers, to find solutions to promote long-term rentals. Housing is the main issue of the government as Prime Minister Gabriel Attal recalled in his general policy speech. We want to promote intermediate housing, so that households that do not earn enough have the opportunity to acquire private housing. We need an intermediary system between social housing and access to property.

There has been a shortage of rental housing in major cities for several months. Will the reduction of the tax advantage for owners of rental furniture help to improve the situation in the short or medium term?

This bill will not be enough to solve this shortage problem, other measures will have to be implemented. But our text will make it possible to slow down the transition of goods from the classic rental stock to the short-term rental market. More and more households are unable to move on their housing journey and are stuck in their homes due to a problem accessing credit. We need to push again to restore access to property for the French so that we can free up rental housing.

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