Anthony Delon will publish an autobiographically inspired novel

In the midst of a conflict in his family about his father Alain, Anthony Delon announced on Instagram that he had released a novel called “Bastingage” by Fayard on March 27.

with railings, According to RTLAnthony Delon dives into the territory of fiction but many can see signs close to family reality with the key toxic love story. Anthony Delon would portray the fate of Philippe, his father, a former industrialist. A dying and weakened man because of the illness that has a complex relationship with his son. After living in Switzerland, Philippe returned to live in the French countryside alongside his omnipresent and dedicated personal assistant. His attitude is intriguing: he wants money because his father is living his last months… Another coincidence, the character has a half sister who lives in Switzerland. The father adores, the half-brother, who uses the art of clumsiness, treachery and duplicity…

“Anthony has written a very nice novel, and it is not a fiction about his father and what he experienced”, defended Isabelle Saporta, Fayard’s CEO. “I hear the buzz and I understand it. You can draw everything towards the autobiographical, and the problem when you’re a novelist is that you’re always read through that prism. But it is unfair for Anthony who tells something else, the love between a disturbed young woman whose life is broken, which the hero tries to save as much as he can”, he added.

On January 25, he was placed under guardianship by a judge judicial protection regime Alain Delon, 88 years old, very weakened by illness, so that a representative can determine “his medical follow-up”. Secluded in his estate at Douchy, The legendary French film actor is caught in a feud between his children, each vowing to look after his own interests. Anthony, 59, and Alain-Fabien Delon, 29, want to stay in this town. Anouchka Delon, 33, is asking to be returned to Switzerland, where she says she would be cared for much better.

In 2019, Alain-Fabien Delon also published an autobiographically inspired novel, “De la race des seigneurs”, in which an apprentice actor could not emerge from the shadow of a father who was admired by all, but tyrannical in private.

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