Americans pay 715,000 euros to stay in Paris

the series Emily in Paris A young American Emily shows her love for the capital. A love that seems to be shared by many of his countrymen. Recent research by Greater Paris Notaries reveals that American buyers represent a quarter of purchases made by foreigners not living in Paris. They mainly favor the central districts where the prices are the highest. The market of foreign non-resident buyers is certainly a micro-market, but it weighs slightly more on the balance sheet: 1% of all sales in 2023, compared to 0.8% in 2022.

Americans may represent only a drop in the ocean in the Paris real estate market, but they have assets that the French do not. Access to property has become more complex for French residents, and Americans have greater purchasing power. Their acquisition budget is 715,000 euros, double that of the French. They often buy their home without credit and are thus freed from tightening loan conditions.

The Lebanese also love France

Americans are not the only ones who are not impressed by the stones of Paris. Lebanon ranks second among the most represented countries with 90 buyers in 2023, or 12% of purchases by non-resident foreigners in Paris, ahead of Italy (70 buyers) and Germany (45).

In terms of foreign buyers living in France at the time of purchase, the Portuguese remain first (1,470 purchases in 2023, which is 13% of that category). They focus on the houses they choose in 45% of cases, and the Chinese, the second most represented nationality (10% of purchases in this category), prefer apartments (almost 90% of purchases). The share of Portuguese buyers is decreasing, with 18% of foreign resident buyers in 2019. Algerians, Tunisians and Romanians also favor the capital.

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