Airbnb: European cities fight back by strengthening their regulations

The regulations have been tightened Airbnb in france On January 29, Monday, he aimed for the bill “Fixing rental market imbalances in narrow areas” It was approved in the first reading in the National Assembly. It highlights an emblematic measure: reduce the tax deduction to 30% income from it rental furniture the tourist Before 71 or 50%. Also, the text includes energy performance diagnostic obligations and new regulatory tools for mayors.

But France is not the only one European country tightening legislation and regulations. As specified BFMTV, Amsterdam (Netherlands) already has very strict rules : more than thirty days rent per year on Airbnb, whether it’s house rent or barges. And a maximum of four people at a time (except families with children). in spainthese are the rooms in private homes that are already rented. This is still possible, but for longer than thirty-one days a year. Please note that in order to rent a villa or apartment you need to obtain a tourist license in Spain.

Up to ninety days a year in London

in the UK, London more precisely, it is possible to rent an entire accommodation in the capital and the surrounding suburbs. But beware, the number of nights is limited: a maximum of ninety days a year. However, there are no restrictions on private rooms. in Germany, In Berlin, authorities banned the owners in 2016 to rent their homes on different platforms. But they had to go back. You have to get permission, but it is allowed again. On the other hand, for second homes, the duration is limited to ninety days a year.

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