Adjani, Efira and the magic light at the Disneyland Hotel… staged to reopen with great fanfare

It’s a simple gray light switch on the edge of a four poster bed. With a small nuance: a magic wand surrounded by shining stars is drawn. “Go ahead, push, push,” pleads a teasing “cast member” (the name given to the staff here), who is being shown around the grand Disneyland Hotel at the park’s entrance.

The rest after this announcement

And of course the surprise effect works… the button doesn’t turn on another night light for reading at the edge of the king size mattress, but it does cause a glowing effect on the princess bedroom curtain. “Show” quote: This pressure causes the ceiling to change color and light up the interior of a princess painting. “If you press it several times, it can last longer,” laughs the actor. It’s hard to get more Disney spirit.

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